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Authors: David wrote seventy-three psalms (Psa. 3Psa. 9; Psa. 11Psa. 32; Psa. 34Psa. 41; Psa. 51Psa. 65; Psa. 68Psa. 70; Psa. 86; Psa. 101; Psa. 103; Psa. 108Psa. 110; Psa. 122; Psa. 124; Psa. 131; Psa. 133; Psa. 138Psa. 145); the sons of Korah, twelve ( Psa. 42Psa. 49; Psa. 84Psa. 85; Psa. 87Psa. 88); Asaph, twelve (Psa. 50; Psa. 73Psa. 83); Solomon, two (Psa. 72; Psa. 127); Ethan, one (Psa. 89); and Moses, one (Psa. 90). The authors of the other forty-nine psalms are unknown.
Time of Writing: Beginning in the eleventh century B.C. (except Psa. 90, written by Moses in the fifteenth century B.C.).
Place of Writing: Mainly Jerusalem.
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