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Psa. 86
A Prayer aof David
Psa. 86 :1 86:1 1Incline Your ear, O Jehovah; answer me;
For I am poor and needy.
Psa. 86 :2 86:2 Keep my soul; for I am faithful;
Save Your servant who trusts in You, O You who are my God.
Psa. 86 :3 86:3 Be gracious to me, O Lord;
For to You do I call out all day long.
Psa. 86 :4 86:4 Cause the soul of Your servant to rejoice,
For unto You, O Lord, do I alift up my soul.
Psa. 86 :5 86:5 For You, O Lord, are good and ready to forgive
And abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon You.
Psa. 86 :6 86:6 aGive ear, O Jehovah, to my prayer,
And give heed to the voice of my supplications.
Psa. 86 :7 86:7 In the day of my distress I call upon You,
For You answer me.
Psa. 86 :8 86:8 There is none alike You among the gods, O Lord;
Nor are there any works like Yours.
Psa. 86 :9 86:9 All the nations which You have made will come
And aworship before You, O Lord;
And they will glorify Your name.
Psa. 86 :10 86:10 For You are great, and You do wondrous deeds;
You alone are God.
Psa. 86 :11 86:11 Teach me, O Jehovah, Your way;
I will walk in Your truth.
Make my heart single in fearing Your name.
Psa. 86 :12 86:12 I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart;
And I will glorify Your name forever.
Psa. 86 :13 86:13 For Your lovingkindness is great toward me,
And You have delivered my soul from the lowest Sheol.
Psa. 86 :14 86:14 O God, the proud have risen up against me,
And a company of violent men seek my life;
And they do not aset You before them.
Psa. 86 :15 86:15 But You, O Lord, are a acompassionate and gracious God,
Long-suffering and abundant in lovingkindness and truth.
Psa. 86 :16 86:16 Turn to me and be gracious to me;
Give Your strength to Your servant,
And save the son of Your female servant.
Psa. 86 :17 86:17 Show me a token of goodness,
That those who hate me may see it and be ashamed;
For You, O Jehovah, have helped me and comforted me.
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