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Psa. 92
A Psalm; a Song for the Sabbath day
Psa. 92 :1 92:1 It is good to 1give thanks to Jehovah
And to sing psalms to Your name, O Most High;
Psa. 92 :2 92:2 To adeclare Your lovingkindness in the bmorning
And Your faithfulness in the nights,
Psa. 92 :3 92:3 Upon an instrument of ten strings and upon a harp,
Upon the 1higgaion of the lyre.
Psa. 92 :4 92:4 For You have made me rejoice, O Jehovah, because of what You have done;
Because of the works of Your hands I will shout for joy.
Psa. 92 :5 92:5 How great are Your works, O Jehovah!
So very deep are Your thoughts!
Psa. 92 :6 92:6 A senseless man does not know them,
Nor does a fool understand 1them.
Psa. 92 :7 92:7 When the wicked sprout like grass,
And all the workers of iniquity blossom,
It is so that they may be destroyed forever.
Psa. 92 :8 92:8 But You are on high forever, O Jehovah.
Psa. 92 :9 92:9 For behold, Your enemies, O Jehovah;
For behold, Your enemies will perish;
All the workers of iniquity will be scattered.
Psa. 92 :10 92:10 But You have exalted my 1horn like that of a wild ox;
I am 2aanointed with fresh oil.
Psa. 92 :11 92:11 And my eye has seen its desire for my enemies;
My ears have heard their desire for the evildoers who rise up against me.
Psa. 92 :12 92:12 The righteous man will 1flourish like the apalm tree;
He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Psa. 92 :13 92:13 aPlanted in the house of Jehovah,
They will flourish in the bcourts of our God.
Psa. 92 :14 92:14 They will still bring forth fruit in old age;
They will be afull of sap and green;
Psa. 92 :15 92:15 To declare that Jehovah is upright;
He is my arock, and there is bno unrighteousness in Him.
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