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  • The book of Esther supplies a vivid record of how the hiding God of Israel secretly took care of His oppressed elect in their dispersion and openly saved His persecuted elect in their captivity. The crucial point of this book is that the very God who chose Israel, the descendants of Abraham, as His elect, after He gave them into captivity to the Gentile nations, became a hidden God to them to take care of them secretly and save them openly while acting in secrecy (Isa. 45:15). This is the reason this book does not mention the name of God even in places when the name of God should be mentioned (Esth. 4:3, 16).

    The account in the book of Esther is crucial in relation to the following matters:
    1) for the fulfillment of God’s calling of Abraham for a land, a seed (a people), and a blessing to all the nations (Gen. 12:1-3; 22:17-18);
    2) for the fulfillment of the promise of God given through Moses that after God gave Israel into captivity, He would still take care of them (Deut. 4:27-31);
    3) for the fulfillment of the prayer of Solomon on the day of the dedication of the temple that God would take care of His elect in their captivity (1 Kings 8:46-53);
    4) for the keeping of the line of the genealogy of Christ through the survival of Israel in their captivity that Christ might be brought into the human race;
    5) to keep a people for the possessing of the Holy Land as a base for Christ to come back to establish His kingdom on earth.

  • The establishing of Ahasuerus as king over a vast Gentile empire (vv. 1-2), the deposing of Queen Vashti by Ahasuerus (vv. 3-22), the raising up of Esther, a Jewish orphan virgin, to be crowned as queen by Ahasuerus (Esth. 2:1-18), and Esther’s saving the king from being assassinated by telling him in Mordecai’s name of those who planned to assassinate him (Esth. 2:19-23) all portray the secret care of the hiding God for His oppressed elect in their dispersion."

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