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c. A servant and a witness of Jehovah 45:1-25
Isa. 45 :1 45:1 Thus says Jehovah to His anointed,
To 1Cyrus, whose right hand I have grasped,
To subdue the nations before him;
And I will loosen the loins of kings;
To open before him double doors
So that the gates will not be shut:
Isa. 45 :2 45:2 I will go before you
And make level the arough places;
I will shatter the doors of bronze
And cut through the bars of iron,
Isa. 45 :3 45:3 And give to you the treasures of darkness
And the hidden riches of secret places,
That you may know that I am Jehovah, who calls you by your name,
The God of Israel.
Isa. 45 :4 45:4 For the sake of My aservant, Jacob,
And Israel, My bchosen one,
I have also called you by your name;
I have surnamed you, although you do not know Me.
Isa. 45 :5 45:5 I am Jehovah and there is no one else;
Besides Me there is no aGod;
I girded you, although you do not know Me;
Isa. 45 :6 45:6 That they might know from the rising of the sun and from the west
That there is no one abesides Me.
I am Jehovah and there is no one else;
Isa. 45 :7 45:7 He who forms the alight and creates darkness,
He who makes peace and creates evil,
I am Jehovah who makes all these things.
Isa. 45 :8 45:8 Drip down, O heavens, from above,
And let the clouds 1flow down arighteousness;
Let the earth 1open
And bbring forth salvation and righteousness;
Let them spring forth together;
I, Jehovah, have created it.
Isa. 45 :9 45:9 Woe to him who strives with the One who formed him —
The potsherds among the earthen potsherds.
aShall the bclay say to the One who forms it, What are You making?
And your work say, He has no hands?
Isa. 45 :10 45:10 Woe to him who says to his father, What are you begetting?
Or to a woman, What are you bringing forth?
Isa. 45 :11 45:11 Thus says Jehovah,
The Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him,
Ask Me about the things to come concerning My asons,
And concerning the bwork of My hands, command Me.
Isa. 45 :12 45:12 I have amade the earth,
And bcreated man upon it;
My own hands cstretched out the heavens,
And I commanded all of their host.
Isa. 45 :13 45:13 I araised 1him up in righteousness,
And will make straight all his ways;
He will bbuild My city,
And send away My captives,
Neither for a price nor for a reward,
Says Jehovah of hosts.
Isa. 45 :14 45:14 Thus says Jehovah,
The wealth of Egypt, and the merchandise of 1Cush,
And the Sabeans, men of stature,
Will pass to you and will be yours.
They will walk behind you; they will come over in chains
And bow down to you and petition you, saying,
Surely God ais with you, and there is no one else;
There is bno other God.
Isa. 45 :15 45:15 Surely You are a God who ahides Himself,
O God of Israel, the Savior.
Isa. 45 :16 45:16 All of them will be ashamed and even confounded;
Those who make idols go in confusion together.
Isa. 45 :17 45:17 Israel has been saved by Jehovah
With an aeternal salvation;
You will not be ashamed or confounded
Forever and ever.
Isa. 45 :18 45:18 For thus says Jehovah,
Who acreated the heavens —
He is the God
Who formed the earth and made it;
He established it;
He did not create it 1bwaste,
But He formed it to be inhabited:
I am Jehovah and there is no one else;
Isa. 45 :19 45:19 I have not spoken in secret,
In a dark place of the earth;
I did not say to the seed of Jacob,
Seek Me in vain.
I, Jehovah, speak righteousness,
Declaring things that are right.
Isa. 45 :20 45:20 Gather yourselves together and come;
Draw near together,
You who have escaped from the nations.
Those who set up their wooden idol
And pray unto a god who cannot save
Have no knowledge.
Isa. 45 :21 45:21 Declare and present your case;
Indeed, let them take counsel together.
Who related this long ago;
Who declared it afrom that time?
Was it not I, Jehovah?
And there is bno other God besides Me;
A righteous God and Savior,
And there is no one except Me.
Isa. 45 :22 45:22 Turn to Me and be saved,
All the aends of the earth,
For I am God and there is no one else.
Isa. 45 :23 45:23 I have asworn by Myself;
A word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness
And will not return,
That bevery knee shall bow to Me,
And every tongue shall swear.
Isa. 45 :24 45:24 It shall be said of Me, Only in Jehovah
Is there 1righteousness and 1strength.
To Him shall men come,
And all those who are burning in anger against Him shall be ashamed.
Isa. 45 :25 45:25 In Jehovah all the seed of Israel
Shall be 1justified and shall glory.
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