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  • Psa. 120 title

  • The sequence of Psalms 128—134, the remaining seven Songs of Ascents, is significant. Psalm 128 speaks of Jehovah’s blessing to Israel from Zion and the prosperity of Jerusalem in Israel’s enjoyment. Psalm 129 concerns God’s righteous dealing with the persecutors of Israel and the haters of Zion. Because Israel, like their persecutors and haters, has many sins and iniquities, Psa. 130 is a psalm of forgiveness and redemption. Then Psa. 131 indicates that after we experience God’s forgiveness, we become humble and quiet before God. In such a situation God can rise up, enter into us, and take us as His resting place. This is Zion becoming God’s habitation, His resting place, as revealed in Psa. 132. Next, Psa. 133 shows that Zion, God’s resting place, is the unique place where the brothers can come together in oneness and receive the commanded blessing of God, even life forever. Finally, in Psa. 134 the children of Israel first charge the priests to praise God in the night, and then they bless the priests, indicating that the children of Israel, having become Zion, are the highest people, even higher than the priests (cf. Heb. 7:7).

  • Psalm 128 is the praise of a saint, in his going up to Zion, concerning Jehovah’s blessing to Israel from Zion (signifying the overcomers in the churches — see note Psa. 48:21b) and the prosperity of Jerusalem (signifying the church as God’s kingdom) in their enjoyment.

  • God always blesses His people from Zion, that is, from the overcomers (cf. Num. 6:23-27 see note Psa. 48:21b).

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