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IV. The prophecies of encouragement centered on Christ 9:1—14:21
A. The prophecy concerning the nations around Judah in relation to Israel 9:1-17
1. Concerning the destruction carried out on the nations around Judah by Alexander the Great, the king of the Grecian empire (336-323 B.C., with the influence of his four successors extending to 44 B.C.) vv. 1-7
Zech. 9 :1 9:1 1The burden of the word of Jehovah against the 2land of Hadrach,
And aDamascus will be its resting place
(For Jehovah has an eye on man,
Especially on the tribes of Israel),
Zech. 9 :2 9:2 And Hamath also, which borders on it;
Tyre and Sidon, because they are very wise.
Zech. 9 :3 9:3 For aTyre built herself a stronghold
And heaped up silver like dust
And gold like the mire of the streets.
Zech. 9 :4 9:4 The Lord is about to take possession of her,
And He will strike her might in the sea,
And she will be consumed with fire.
Zech. 9 :5 9:5 aAshkelon will see it and be afraid;
Gaza also, and it will writhe much in anguish;
And Ekron, for her expectation will have been confounded.
And the king will perish from Gaza,
And Ashkelon will not be inhabited.
Zech. 9 :6 9:6 And a mixed race will dwell in Ashdod,
And I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.
Zech. 9 :7 9:7 And I will remove his blood from his mouth
And his detestable things from between his teeth;
And he also will remain unto our God;
And he will be like a leader in Judah,
And Ekron will be like a Jebusite.
2. The Lord protecting Jerusalem with its temple as His house v. 8
Zech. 9 :8 9:8 And I will aencamp around My 1house because of an army,
Because of him who passes by and returns;
And no oppressor will pass over them any more;
For now I see with My eyes.
3. Christ temporarily welcomed as the King into Jerusalem in a lowly form vv. 9-10
Zech. 9 :9 9:9 1Exult greatly, O adaughter of Zion;
Shout, O bdaughter of Jerusalem!
Now your cKing comes to you.
He is righteous and bears salvation,
Lowly and riding upon a donkey,
Even upon a dcolt, the foal of a donkey,
Zech. 9 :10 9:10 1And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim
And the horse from Jerusalem,
And the battle bow will be cut off;
And He will speak peace unto the nations,
And His adominion will be from sea to sea
And from the 2River unto the ends of the earth.
4. Concerning the victory of the Jewish Maccabean heroes over Antiochus Epiphanes the king of Syria (175-164 B.C.) vv. 11-17
Zech. 9 :11 9:11 1As for you also, because of the ablood of your covenant,
I have breleased your captives from the pit, where there is no water.
Zech. 9 :12 9:12 Turn to the stronghold, O prisoners with hope.
This very day I am declaring that I will restore adouble to you.
Zech. 9 :13 9:13 For I will bend Judah for Myself,
And I will fill a bow with Ephraim;
And I will stir up your asons, O Zion,
Against your sons, O 1Javan;
And I will make you like a warrior’s sword.
Zech. 9 :14 9:14 And Jehovah will appear above 1them,
And His arrow will go forth like lightning;
And the Lord Jehovah will blow the atrumpet,
And He will go in the whirlwinds of the south.
Zech. 9 :15 9:15 Jehovah of hosts will adefend them;
And they will devour and trample the sling stones.
And they will drink; they will be noisy as if with wine;
And they will be filled like a sacrificial basin,
Like the corners of the altar.
Zech. 9 :16 9:16 And Jehovah their God will save them in 1that day as the flock of His people,
For they will be like the stones of a crown, sparkling in His land.
Zech. 9 :17 9:17 For how 1great is their goodness, and how great their beauty!
Grain will make the young men flourish,
And new wine, the virgins.
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