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Book chapters «The Second Epistle of Paul to Timothy»
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I. Introduction 1:1-2
2 Tim. 1 :1 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus through the awill of God baccording to the 1cpromise of dlife, which is in Christ Jesus,
2 Tim. 1 :2 1:2 To Timothy, beloved achild: Grace, 1bmercy, peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.
II. The divine provisions for the inoculation — a pure conscience, unfeigned faith, the divine gift, a strong spirit, eternal grace, incorruptible life, the healthy word, and the indwelling Spirit 1:3-14
2 Tim. 1 :3 1:3 I thank God, whom I 1aserve 2from my bforefathers in a 3cpure conscience, while unceasingly I have remembrance concerning you in my petitions dnight and day,
2 Tim. 1 :4 1:4 aLonging to see you, remembering your btears, that I may be cfilled with joy;
2 Tim. 1 :5 1:5 Having been reminded of the aunfeigned faith in you, which 1dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your bmother Eunice, and I am persuaded dwells also in you.
2 Tim. 1 :6 1:6 For which cause I remind you to 1fan into flame the agift of God, which is in you through the 2blaying on of my hands.
2 Tim. 1 :7 1:7 For God has not given us a 1aspirit of bcowardice, but 2of cpower and of dlove and of esobermindedness.
2 Tim. 1 :8 1:8 1Therefore do 2not be aashamed of the btestimony of our Lord nor of me cHis prisoner; but dsuffer evil with the 3egospel 4according to the fpower of God;
2 Tim. 1 :9 1:9 Who has saved us and 1acalled us with a holy calling, not according to our bworks but according to His own 2cpurpose and dgrace, which was given to us in Christ Jesus 3before the etimes of the ages
2 Tim. 1 :10 1:10 But now has been 1amanifested through the bappearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who 2nullified cdeath and brought 3dlife and 4eincorruption to light through the gospel,
2 Tim. 1 :11 1:11 For 1which I was aappointed a 2herald and an apostle and a teacher.
2 Tim. 1 :12 1:12 For which 1cause also I asuffer these things; but I am 2not bashamed, for I know 3whom I have cbelieved, and I am persuaded that He is able to dguard 4my edeposit unto 5fthat day.
2 Tim. 1 :13 1:13 aHold a 1pattern of the 2bhealthy words that you have cheard from me, in the 3dfaith and love which are in Christ Jesus.
2 Tim. 1 :14 1:14 aGuard the good 1deposit through the Holy bSpirit who 2dwells in us.
III. The basic factor of the decline — forsaking the apostle and his ministry 1:15-18
2 Tim. 1 :15 1:15 This you know, that all who are in 1aAsia 2bturned away from me, of whom are 3Phygelus and Hermogenes.
2 Tim. 1 :16 1:16 May the Lord grant amercy to the house of 1bOnesiphorus, for he often crefreshed me and was not dashamed of my echain;
2 Tim. 1 :17 1:17 But being in aRome, he sought me out diligently and found me.
2 Tim. 1 :18 1:18 May the Lord grant him to find amercy from the Lord in 1bthat day. And in how many things he served me in cEphesus, you know best.
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