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Book chapters «The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians»
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2 Cor. 7 :1 7:1 1Therefore since we have 2these promises, beloved, let us acleanse ourselves from all 3defilement of flesh and of bspirit, 4perfecting choliness in the 5dfear of God.
4. The intimate concern of the apostles' ministering life 7:2-16
2 Cor. 7 :2 7:2 1aMake room for us; we have 2bwronged no one, we have corrupted no one, we have taken cadvantage of no one.
2 Cor. 7 :3 7:3 I do not say this to condemn you, for I have said before that you are 1in our hearts for our dying together and our living together.
2 Cor. 7 :4 7:4 Great is my aboldness toward you, great is my bboasting on your behalf; I am filled with ccomfort, I overflow with 1djoy in all our eaffliction.
2 Cor. 7 :5 7:5 For even when we came into aMacedonia, our 1flesh had no rest, but we were bafflicted in everything; without were cfightings, within were fears.
2 Cor. 7 :6 7:6 But He who acomforts those who are 1downcast, that is, God, 2bcomforted us by the 3coming of cTitus;
2 Cor. 7 :7 7:7 And not only by his coming, but also by the comfort with which he was comforted because of you, declaring to us your alonging, your lamentation, your bzeal for me, so that I crejoiced the more.
2 Cor. 7 :8 7:8 For though I caused you asorrow by the 1letter, I do not regret it. Even if I 2did regret it (for I see that letter, even if for an hour, 3caused you sorrow),
2 Cor. 7 :9 7:9 Now I rejoice, not that you were made sorrowful, but that you were made sorrowful to 1repentance; for you were made 2asorrowful according to God, that in nothing you might suffer loss from us.
2 Cor. 7 :10 7:10 For sorrow according to God works arepentance unto 1salvation, which is without regret; but the bsorrow of the world works out death.
2 Cor. 7 :11 7:11 For behold this very thing, your being made sorrowful according to God, what 1aearnestness it has 2worked out in you, 3indeed what 4defense, indeed what 5indignation, indeed what 6fear, indeed what 7blonging, indeed what 8czeal, indeed what 9dpunishment! In everything you have commended yourselves to be pure in 10the matter.
2 Cor. 7 :12 7:12 So then, though I awrote to you, it was not for the sake of 1him who did the wrong, nor for the sake of 2him who was wronged, but for the sake of 3manifesting to you before God your earnestness for us.
2 Cor. 7 :13 7:13 Because of this we have been acomforted. And in addition to our comfort, we brejoiced 1more abundantly over the joy of 2Titus, because his 3spirit has been crefreshed by all of you.
2 Cor. 7 :14 7:14 For if in anything I aboasted to him on your behalf, I have not been put to shame; on the contrary, as we spoke all things in truth to you, so also our boasting before Titus turned out to be the truth.
2 Cor. 7 :15 7:15 And his 1affections are abundantly toward you, he remembering the aobedience of you all, how you received him with bfear and trembling.
2 Cor. 7 :16 7:16 I arejoice that in everything I 1have boldness because of you.
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