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Book chapters «The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians»
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b. Not to come in sorrow 2:1-11
2 Cor. 2 :1 2:1 But I 1determined this for myself, that I would not acome again to you in bsorrow.
2 Cor. 2 :2 2:2 For if I cause you sorrow, who then is the one who makes me glad, except the one who is made sorrowful by me?
2 Cor. 2 :3 2:3 And I 1awrote this very thing to you that when I come I would bnot have sorrow from those who ought to make me rejoice, having cconfidence in you all that my joy is the joy of you all.
2 Cor. 2 :4 2:4 For out of much affliction and anguish of heart I awrote to you through many btears, not that you would be made sorrowful but that you would know the clove which I have more abundantly toward you.
2 Cor. 2 :5 2:5 But if anyone has caused asorrow, he has not caused me to sorrow, but bin part (lest I 1lay too heavy a burden) all of you.
2 Cor. 2 :6 2:6 Sufficient for such a one is this apunishment by the majority,
2 Cor. 2 :7 2:7 So that on the contrary you should rather 1aforgive and comfort him, lest perhaps such a one be swallowed up with excessive sorrow.
2 Cor. 2 :8 2:8 Therefore I exhort you to 1confirm your alove toward him.
2 Cor. 2 :9 2:9 For to this end also I awrote, that I might 1know your 2approvedness, whether you are bobedient in all things.
2 Cor. 2 :10 2:10 But whom you 1aforgive anything, I also forgive; for also what I have 2forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, it is for your sake in the 3person of Christ;
2 Cor. 2 :11 2:11 That we may not be taken advantage of by 1aSatan, for we are not bignorant of his 2cschemes.
II. The ministry of the new covenant 2:12—3:11
A. Its triumph and effect 2:12-17
2 Cor. 2 :12 2:12 1Furthermore, when I came to aTroas for the gospel of Christ and a bdoor was open to me 2in the Lord,
2 Cor. 2 :13 2:13 I had no rest in my 1aspirit, for I did not find bTitus my brother; but taking leave of them, I went forth into 2cMacedonia.
2 Cor. 2 :14 2:14 But athanks be to God, who always 1leads 2us in btriumph in 3the Christ and manifests the 4csavor of the dknowledge of Him through 5us in every place.
2 Cor. 2 :15 2:15 For we 1are a afragrance of Christ to God in those who are being bsaved and in those who are cperishing:
2 Cor. 2 :16 2:16 To some a asavor out of death 1unto bdeath, and to the others a savor out of life 1unto clife. And who is 2dsufficient for these things?
2 Cor. 2 :17 2:17 For we are not like the many, 1aadulterating the word of God for profit; but as out of bsincerity, but as out of God, before God we 2speak in Christ.
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