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Book chapters «The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians»
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V. Paul's vindication of his apostolic authority 10:1—13:10
A. By the way of his warring 10:1-6
2 Cor. 10 :1 10:1 1But I myself, Paul, aentreat you through the 2bmeekness and 3gentleness of Christ, who (as you say) in cperson am 4dbase among you, but while absent am 5ebold toward you,
2 Cor. 10 :2 10:2 I beseech you that when apresent I would not have to be bbold in the confidence with which I count myself, to dare do to some who count us as ones who are walking caccording to flesh.
2 Cor. 10 :3 10:3 For though we walk 1in flesh, we do not awar according to flesh;
2 Cor. 10 :4 10:4 For the aweapons of our bwarfare are 1not fleshly but 2cpowerful before God for the doverthrowing of strongholds,
2 Cor. 10 :5 10:5 As we overthrow 1areasonings and every 2bhigh thing rising up against the knowledge of God, and take ccaptive every 1dthought unto the eobedience of Christ.
2 Cor. 10 :6 10:6 And we are ready to 1apunish all disobedience when your 2bobedience is fulfilled.
B. By the measure of God's rule 10:7-18
2 Cor. 10 :7 10:7 You look at things aaccording to their appearance. If someone 1has confidence in himself to be bof Christ, let him take account of this again concerning himself, that even as he is cof Christ, dso also are we.
2 Cor. 10 :8 10:8 For even if I should aboast somewhat more abundantly concerning our bauthority, which the Lord has given for 1cbuilding you up and not for overthrowing you, I will not be put to shame.
2 Cor. 10 :9 10:9 I say this so as not to seem as if I am terrifying you through my letters,
2 Cor. 10 :10 10:10 Because while his letters, someone says, are weighty and strong, his abodily presence is 1bweak and his cspeech 2contemptible.
2 Cor. 10 :11 10:11 Let such a one take account of this, that such as we are in word by letters when absent, such also we are in deed when present.
2 Cor. 10 :12 10:12 For we do not adare to class or compare ourselves with any of those who bcommend themselves; but they, measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves with themselves, are without understanding.
2 Cor. 10 :13 10:13 But we will 1not aboast beyond our measure but 2according to the measure of the 3rule which the God of measure has bapportioned to us, to reach even as far as you.
2 Cor. 10 :14 10:14 For we are not 1extending ourselves beyond our bounds, as if we did not reach you, for we were the first to acome even as far as unto you in the bgospel of Christ.
2 Cor. 10 :15 10:15 We are anot boasting beyond our measure in bothers' labors, but have the hope, as your faith is increasing, to be 1magnified in you according to our rule unto abundance,
2 Cor. 10 :16 10:16 So that we may announce the gospel unto those parts beyond you, not so that we may boast in another man's rule in things already prepared.
2 Cor. 10 :17 10:17 But he who aboasts, let him boast in the Lord;
2 Cor. 10 :18 10:18 For it is not the one who acommends himself who is bapproved, but the one whom the Lord commends.
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