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Verse: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
I. Introduction 1:1-3
A. Loving in truthfulness for the truth vv. 1-2
2 John 1 :1 1:1 The 1aelder to the bchosen 2lady and to her children, whom I clove in 3dtruthfulness, and not only I but also all 4those who know the 5truth,
2 John 1 :2 1:2 1For the sake of the 2truth which aabides in us and will be bwith us forever:
B. Grace, mercy, and peace in truth and love v.3
2 John 1 :3 1:3 aGrace, mercy, bpeace will be with 1us from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in 2truth and love.
II. The walk in truth and love vv. 4-6
A. In truth v.4
2 John 1 :4 1:4 I 1rejoiced greatly that I have found some of your children awalking in 2truth, even as we received 3bcommandment from the Father.
B. In love vv. 5-6
2 John 1 :5 1:5 And now I ask you, lady, not as writing a anew commandment to you but 1that which we have had 2from the beginning, that we blove one another.
2 John 1 :6 1:6 And this is alove, that we bwalk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, even as you heard from the beginning, that you walk in 1love.
III. Not participating in heresy vv. 7-11
A. The heretics vv. 7-9
2 John 1 :7 1:7 For many 1deceivers awent out into the world, those who 2do bnot confess Jesus Christ coming 3in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the 4antichrist.
2 John 1 :8 1:8 1aLook to yourselves that you do not 2lose the 3things which we wrought, but that you may receive a full 4reward.
2 John 1 :9 1:9 Everyone who 1goes beyond and does not abide in the 2teaching of Christ does anot have God; he who abides in the teaching, he 3has both the Father and the Son.
B. Not sharing in the heretical works vv. 10-11
2 John 1 :10 1:10 If anyone comes to you and does anot 1bring this teaching, do bnot receive 2him into your house, and do not say to him, 3Rejoice!
2 John 1 :11 1:11 For he who says to him, Rejoice, ashares in his 1evil works.
IV. Conclusion vv. 12-13
A. The hope for closer fellowship for more joy v.12
2 John 1 :12 1:12 Though I have amany things to write to you, I do not want to do so with paper and ink, but I am 1bhoping to be with you and to speak 2face to face that 3our cjoy may be made full.
B. Greeting in the endearing care v.13
2 John 1 :13 1:13 The 1children of your achosen 2sister greet you.
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