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II. The King's anointing 3:1—4:11
A. Recommended 3:1-12
Matt. 3 :1 3:1 Now in those days 1aJohn the Baptist appeared, preaching in the 2bwilderness of Judea
Matt. 3 :2 3:2 And saying, 1aRepent, for the 2bkingdom of the heavens has 3drawn near.
Matt. 3 :3 3:3 For this is he who was spoken of through Isaiah the prophet, saying, a"A voice of one crying in the 1wilderness, 2bPrepare the way of the Lord; make straight His paths.''
Matt. 3 :4 3:4 Now this John had his garment of 1acamel's hair and a bleather girdle around his loins, and his food was clocusts and wild honey.
Matt. 3 :5 3:5 At that time aJerusalem and all Judea and all the surrounding region of the bJordan went out to him,
Matt. 3 :6 3:6 And they were 1abaptized by him in the 2bJordan River as they cconfessed their sins.
Matt. 3 :7 3:7 But when he saw many of the 1aPharisees and 2bSadducees coming to his cbaptism, he said to them, Offspring of dvipers, who prompted you to flee from the coming ewrath?
Matt. 3 :8 3:8 Produce then fruit aworthy of your repentance.
Matt. 3 :9 3:9 And do not presume to say within yourselves, We have aAbraham as our father; for I tell you that God is able, out of these bstones, to 1raise up cchildren to Abraham.
Matt. 3 :10 3:10 And already the axe is laid at the root of the trees. Every atree therefore that does not produce good fruit is cut down and cast into the bfire.
Matt. 3 :11 3:11 I baptize you in awater unto brepentance, but cHe who is coming after me is stronger than I, whose dsandals I am not worthy to carry. He Himself will baptize you in the Holy eSpirit and 1ffire,
Matt. 3 :12 3:12 Whose awinnowing fan is in His hand. And He will thoroughly cleanse His threshing floor and will bgather His 1wheat into His barn, but the 1chaff He will burn up with unquenchable cfire.
B. Anointed 3:13-17
Matt. 3 :13 3:13 Then Jesus came from aGalilee to the Jordan to John to be 1bbaptized by him.
Matt. 3 :14 3:14 But John tried to prevent Him, saying, It is I who have need of being baptized by You, and You come to me?
Matt. 3 :15 3:15 But Jesus answered and said to him, Permit it for now, for it is fitting for us in this way to afulfill all 1righteousness. Then he permitted Him.
Matt. 3 :16 3:16 And 1having been baptized, Jesus went up immediately from the water, and behold, the 2heavens were aopened to Him, and He saw the 3Spirit of God descending like a 4bdove and coming cupon Him.
Matt. 3 :17 3:17 And behold, a avoice out of the heavens, saying, 1This is My bSon, the Beloved, in whom I have found My cdelight.
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