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V. The elders' shepherding and its reward 5:1-4
A. The shepherding patterns vv. 1-3
1 Pet. 5 :1 5:1 1Therefore the 2aelders among you I exhort, who am a 3fellow elder and 4bwitness of the sufferings of Christ, who am also a 5partaker of the cglory to be revealed:
1 Pet. 5 :2 5:2 1aShepherd the 2bflock of God among you, 3coverseeing not under compulsion but dwillingly, 4according to God; not by eseeking gain through base means but eagerly;
1 Pet. 5 :3 5:3 Nor as 1alording it over your 2allotments but by 3becoming bpatterns of the 4flock.
B. The Chief Shepherd's reward v.4
1 Pet. 5 :4 5:4 And when the Chief aShepherd is manifested, you will receive the 1bunfading ccrown of glory.
VI. The mighty hand of God and its goal 5:5-11
A. Humbled under God's mighty hand vv. 5-9
1 Pet. 5 :5 5:5 In like manner, ayounger men, be bsubject to 1elders; and all of you 2gird yourselves with 3chumility toward one another, because God 4dresists the 5eproud but fgives 6ggrace to the 7hhumble.
1 Pet. 5 :6 5:6 Therefore abe 1bhumbled under the mighty chand of God that He may 2dexalt you in due time,
1 Pet. 5 :7 5:7 1aCasting 2all your 3banxiety on Him because 4it matters to Him concerning you.
1 Pet. 5 :8 5:8 Be 1asober; 2bwatch. Your 3cadversary, the 4ddevil, as a 5roaring elion, 6fwalks about, 7seeking someone to devour.
1 Pet. 5 :9 5:9 Him 1awithstand, being bfirm in your 2faith, knowing that the same 3csufferings are being accomplished among your 4brotherhood in the world.
B. Perfected and grounded by the God of all grace vv. 10-11
1 Pet. 5 :10 5:10 1aBut the God of 2all grace, He who has bcalled you 3into His ceternal glory 4din Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a elittle while, will 5Himself 6fperfect, 7gestablish, 8hstrengthen, and 9iground you.
1 Pet. 5 :11 5:11 aTo Him be 1the glory and the might forever and ever. Amen.
VII. Conclusion 5:12-14
A. The testimony of the true grace of God v.12
1 Pet. 5 :12 5:12 Through aSilvanus, the faithful brother, as I account him, I have written to you briefly, bexhorting and 1ctestifying fully that this is the 2true grace of God; enter into this grace and dstand in it.
B. Greetings vv. 13-14
1 Pet. 5 :13 5:13 The 1co- achosen in 2Babylon and 3Mark my son greet you.
1 Pet. 5 :14 5:14 Greet one another with a akiss of love. 1bPeace to you all who are 2cin Christ.
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