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Heb. 6 :1 6:1 Therefore leaving the 1word of the 2abeginning of Christ, let us 3be brought on to 4bmaturity, not laying again a foundation of crepentance from ddead works and of efaith in God,
Heb. 6 :2 6:2 Of the teaching of 1abaptisms and of the blaying on of hands, of the cresurrection of the dead and of eternal djudgment.
Heb. 6 :3 6:3 And 1this we will do if God permits.
Heb. 6 :4 6:4 For it is 1impossible for those who have once been aenlightened and have tasted of the 2heavenly bgift and have become 3cpartakers of the Holy dSpirit
Heb. 6 :5 6:5 And have atasted the bgood 1word of God and the 2powers of the age cto come,
Heb. 6 :6 6:6 And yet have 1fallen away, to renew themselves again unto repentance, 2acrucifying again for themselves the Son of God and putting Him to open shame.
Heb. 6 :7 6:7 For the earth, which drinks the 1rain which often comes upon it and 2produces vegetation suitable to those for whose sake also it is cultivated, partakes of blessing from God.
Heb. 6 :8 6:8 But if it brings forth 1athorns and thistles, it is 2disapproved and 3near a curse, whose end is to be 4bburned.
Heb. 6 :9 6:9 But we are persuaded of better things concerning you, beloved, and 1things which belong to 2salvation, though we speak thus.
Heb. 6 :10 6:10 For God is not unrighteous, so as to forget your awork and the love which you have shown toward His bname in having 1cministered to the saints and in ministering still.
Heb. 6 :11 6:11 But we desire earnestly that each of you show the same diligence unto the full aassurance of our bhope cuntil the end,
Heb. 6 :12 6:12 That you may not be 1sluggish, but aimitators of those who through bfaith and long-suffering are cinheriting the promises.
Heb. 6 :13 6:13 For God, when He made the promise to Abraham, since He could swear by no one greater, aswore by Himself,
Heb. 6 :14 6:14 Saying, a"Surely blessing, I will bless you; and multiplying, I will multiply you.''
Heb. 6 :15 6:15 And thus when Abraham had patiently aendured, he obtained the bpromise.
Heb. 6 :16 6:16 For men swear by the greater, and for all disputes among them an oath is final for confirmation.
Heb. 6 :17 6:17 Therefore God, intending to show more abundantly to the aheirs of the promise the bunchangeableness of His counsel, interposed with an oath,
Heb. 6 :18 6:18 In order that by 1two unchangeable things, in which it was impossible for God to alie, we may have strong encouragement, we who have 2fled for 3refuge to lay hold of the bhope set before us,
Heb. 6 :19 6:19 Which we have as an 1anchor of the soul, both secure and firm and which 2enters within the veil,
Heb. 6 :20 6:20 Where the 1aForerunner, Jesus, has entered for us, having become forever a High Priest according to the border of Melchisedec.
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