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g. Sighing over his miserable present 30:1-31
Job 30 :1 30:1 But now those who are younger than I
Hold me in derision,
Those whose fathers I disdained
To put with the dogs of my flock.
Job 30 :2 30:2 Indeed, what good is the strength of their hands to me?
Their vigor has perished from them.
Job 30 :3 30:3 Withered up through want and hunger,
They gnaw at the dry ground,
A gloom of waste and desolation.
Job 30 :4 30:4 They pick the mallow upon the bushes,
And the roots of the broom shrub are their food.
Job 30 :5 30:5 They are driven from the company of men;
Men cry after them as after a thief;
Job 30 :6 30:6 So that they must dwell in the most dreadful ravines,
In caves of the earth and in the rocks.
Job 30 :7 30:7 Among the bushes they bray;
Under the nettles they huddle.
Job 30 :8 30:8 Sons of fools, indeed sons of nameless men,
They have been stricken from the land.
Job 30 :9 30:9 And now I have become their song,
And I am a abyword to them.
Job 30 :10 30:10 They abhor me; they stand aloof from me;
And they do not withhold their spit from my face.
Job 30 :11 30:11 For He has loosened 1my cord and afflicted me;
Therefore they have cast off restraint in my presence.
Job 30 :12 30:12 At my right hand a brood rises up;
They send my feet running
And cast up against me their ways of destruction.
Job 30 :13 30:13 They break up my path;
They promote my calamity,
Though there is no profit to them.
Job 30 :14 30:14 As through a wide breach they come in;
Amid the ruin they roll on.
Job 30 :15 30:15 Terrors are turned upon me;
My honor is pursued as by a wind,
And my prosperity passes away like a acloud.
Job 30 :16 30:16 And now my asoul is poured out within me;
Days of affliction have taken hold of me.
Job 30 :17 30:17 The night rends my bones from me,
And my gnawing pains do not rest.
Job 30 :18 30:18 With great force my garments are distorted;
It binds me like the collar of my coat.
Job 30 :19 30:19 He has cast me into the mire,
And I am like adust and ashes.
Job 30 :20 30:20 I cry unto You, but You do not answer me;
I stand up, and You stare at me.
Job 30 :21 30:21 You have turned to become cruel to me;
With the might of Your hand You pursue me.
Job 30 :22 30:22 You lift me up into the wind; You make me ride on it;
And You dissolve me in the storm.
Job 30 :23 30:23 For I know that You will bring me into death,
And to the ahouse appointed for all living.
Job 30 :24 30:24 Nevertheless does not a man put forth his hand when he falls,
Or because of his disaster therefore cry out?
Job 30 :25 30:25 Did I not weep for him who had hard days?
Was my soul not grieved for the needy?
Job 30 :26 30:26 When I expected good, evil came;
And when I waited for light, darkness came.
Job 30 :27 30:27 My inward parts are in turmoil and are not still;
Days of affliction have drawn near to me.
Job 30 :28 30:28 I go about in sunless mourning.
I rise up in the congregation; I cry for help.
Job 30 :29 30:29 I am a brother to jackals
And a companion to ostriches.
Job 30 :30 30:30 My skin is black and falling from me,
And my bones burn with heat.
Job 30 :31 30:31 My lyre has become mourning,
And my pipe, the voice of those who weep.
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