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5. Bildad's concluding word 25:1-6
Job 25 :1 25:1 Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said,
Job 25 :2 25:2 Dominion and dread are with Him;
He makes peace in His high places.
Job 25 :3 25:3 Is there any number to His armies?
And upon whom does His light not aarise?
Job 25 :4 25:4 How then can a man be arighteous with God?
bAnd how can one born of a woman be pure?
Job 25 :5 25:5 Indeed, even the moon has no brightness,
And the stars are not pure in His eyes.
Job 25 :6 25:6 How much less a man, a maggot;
And the son of man, a aworm!
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