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D. The second round of debates 12:1—20:29
1. Job's superiority complex in the matter of knowing God 12:1—13:2
Job 12 :1 12:1 Then Job answered and said,
Job 12 :2 12:2 Surely then you are the people,
And wisdom will die with you.
Job 12 :3 12:3 I also have understanding as you do;
I am not inferior to you.
And who does not know things like these?
Job 12 :4 12:4 I have become a laughingstock to 1my friends,
I, who have called out to God and He answers 2me.
The righteous man, the perfect man, is a alaughingstock.
Job 12 :5 12:5 There is contempt for calamity in the thought of him who is at ease:
It is prepared for those whose foot slips.
Job 12 :6 12:6 The tents of robbers prosper,
And those who provoke God have security,
Those who carry their god in their own 1might.
Job 12 :7 12:7 But ask now of the beasts, and they will ateach you;
And of the birds of heaven, and they will tell you.
Job 12 :8 12:8 Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you;
And the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Job 12 :9 12:9 Who among all these does not know
That the hand of Jehovah has done this,
Job 12 :10 12:10 In whose hand is the 1alife of every living thing
And the breath of all flesh of man?
Job 12 :11 12:11 Does not the ear atry words
Even as the palate tastes food for itself?
Job 12 :12 12:12 In aged men, you say, there is wisdom,
And in length of days there is understanding.
Job 12 :13 12:13 But with Him are awisdom and might;
Counsel and understanding are His.
Job 12 :14 12:14 Indeed, He breaks down, and it cannot be rebuilt;
He shuts a man up, and the door cannot be opened.
Job 12 :15 12:15 Indeed, He withholds the awaters, and they dry up;
And He bsends them forth, and they overturn the earth.
Job 12 :16 12:16 With Him are strength and effectual wisdom;
The deceived and the deceiver are His.
Job 12 :17 12:17 He leads acounselors away stripped,
And He makes fools of judges.
Job 12 :18 12:18 He loosens the fetters of kings
And binds their loins with a belt.
Job 12 :19 12:19 He leads priests away stripped,
And He overturns dignitaries.
Job 12 :20 12:20 He removes the utterance of the trusty
And takes away the counsel of the elders.
Job 12 :21 12:21 He pours contempt upon the princes
And loosens the belt of the strong.
Job 12 :22 12:22 He uncovers the depths out of darkness
And abrings to light the shadow of death.
Job 12 :23 12:23 He makes nations great and destroys them;
He expands nations and leads them off.
Job 12 :24 12:24 He removes the understanding of the heads of the people of the earth
And causes them to wander in a pathless waste.
Job 12 :25 12:25 They grope in darkness, and there is no light;
And He causes them to stagger like a drunken man.
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