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e. The reason for Zion's being forsaken 50:1-3
Isa. 50 :1 50:1 Thus says Jehovah,
Where is the abill of your mother’s divorce
With which I have put her away?
Or to which of My creditors
Have I sold you?
Indeed, for your iniquities you were bsold,
And for your transgressions your mother was put away.
Isa. 50 :2 50:2 Why when I came was there no man?
And when I acalled why was there no one to answer?
Is My hand bso short that it cannot redeem?
Or do I have no power to deliver?
Indeed, at My rebuke I cdry up the sea;
I make the rivers a wilderness;
Their dfish stink because there is no water,
And die of thirst.
Isa. 50 :3 50:3 I clothe the heavens with ablackness,
And make sackcloth their bcovering.
f. The instruction the servant of Jehovah (Isaiah, typifying Christ) received and the life he lived 50:4-9
Isa. 50 :4 50:4 The Lord Jehovah has agiven 1me
The tongue of the instructed,
That I should know how to sustain the bweary with a word.
He awakens me morning by morning;
He awakens my ear
To hear as an instructed one.
Isa. 50 :5 50:5 The Lord Jehovah has opened my aear;
And I was bnot rebellious,
Nor did I turn back.
Isa. 50 :6 50:6 1I gave my back to those who astrike me
And my bcheeks to those who pluck out the hair;
I did not hide my face
From humiliation and cspitting.
Isa. 50 :7 50:7 The Lord Jehovah helps me;
Therefore I have not been dishonored;
Therefore I have set my aface like a flint,
And I know that I will not be put to shame.
Isa. 50 :8 50:8 The One who justifies me is near; who will contend with me?
Let us stand up together!
Who is my adversary in judgment?
Let him come near to me.
Isa. 50 :9 50:9 Indeed, the Lord Jehovah helps me,
Who is the one who condemns me?
Indeed, they will all wear out like a agarment;
The bmoth will consume them.
g. How he who fears Jehovah and hears the voice of His servant has light while walking in darkness 50:10-11
Isa. 50 :10 50:10 Who among you fears Jehovah;
Who hears the voice of His servant;
Who walks in darkness
And has no light?
Let him trust in the name of Jehovah,
And rely on his God.
Isa. 50 :11 50:11 Indeed, all of you who kindle a fire,
Who surround yourselves with firebrands,
Walk into the light of your fire
And into the firebrands which you have lit.
You will have this from My hand:
You will lie down in torment.
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