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3. As typified by Cyrus to be Jehovah's shepherd and to fulfill all the desires of Jehovah 43:1—45:25
a. Jehovah's word of comfort and encouragement to Israel 43:1-28
Isa. 43 :1 43:1 But now thus says Jehovah
Who created you, O Jacob, and who aformed you, O Israel:
Do bnot fear, because I have credeemed you;
I have dcalled you by your name; you are Mine.
Isa. 43 :2 43:2 When you apass through the waters, I will be bwith you,
And through the rivers, they will not flow over you.
And when you cwalk through the fire, you will not be burned,
And the flame will not consume you.
Isa. 43 :3 43:3 Because I am Jehovah your God,
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior,
I have given Egypt as your ransom,
1Cush and Seba instead of you.
Isa. 43 :4 43:4 Since you were precious in My eyes,
Since you have been honorable and I have loved you,
I will give up men in your place,
And peoples in exchange for your life.
Isa. 43 :5 43:5 Do anot fear, because I am with you;
I will bring your seed from the east,
And bgather you from the west.
Isa. 43 :6 43:6 I will say to the north, Give them up,
And to the south, Do not keep them back.
Bring My asons from afar,
And My daughters from the end of the earth,
Isa. 43 :7 43:7 Everyone who is called by My aname,
Whom I have created, bformed, and even made cfor My 1glory.
Isa. 43 :8 43:8 Bring out the people who are blind yet have eyes,
And those who are adeaf yet have ears.
Isa. 43 :9 43:9 Let all the nations be gathered together,
And let the peoples assemble.
Who among them can declare this
And relate to us the former things?
Let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified,
And let them hear and say, It is true.
Isa. 43 :10 43:10 You are My 1awitnesses, declares Jehovah,
And My bservant whom I have chosen,
In order that you may know and believe Me
And understand that I am He.
Before Me there was no 2God formed,
Neither will there be any after Me.
Isa. 43 :11 43:11 I, even I, am Jehovah;
And there is ano Savior besides Me.
Isa. 43 :12 43:12 I have declared, and I have saved, and I have let them hear;
There is ano strange god among you.
And you are My witnesses, declares Jehovah,
And I am God.
Isa. 43 :13 43:13 Indeed, 1before the day was, aI am He,
And there is no one who can deliver 2from My hand.
I will work and who will reverse it?
Isa. 43 :14 43:14 Thus says Jehovah,
You’re aRedeemer, the Holy One of Israel,
For your sake I have sent to Babylon,
And I will bring down all of them as fugitives,
Even the Chaldeans, whose rejoicing is in the ships.
Isa. 43 :15 43:15 I am Jehovah, your Holy One,
The aCreator of Israel, your King.
Isa. 43 :16 43:16 Thus says Jehovah,
Who has made a way in the sea,
And a path in the mighty waters,
Isa. 43 :17 43:17 Who brings forth the chariot and the horse,
The army and the powerful together.
They will lie down, they will not rise;
They are extinct, they are quenched like flax.
Isa. 43 :18 43:18 Do not call to mind the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
Isa. 43 :19 43:19 Indeed, I am doing a anew thing;
It will now spring forth;
Do you not know it?
I will even make a way in the wilderness,
bRivers in the desert.
Isa. 43 :20 43:20 The animals of the field will honor Me,
The jackals and the ostriches,
Because I have given them water in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert,
To give a drink to My people, My chosen ones.
Isa. 43 :21 43:21 This people I have aformed for Myself;
They will show forth My praise.
Isa. 43 :22 43:22 But you have anot called upon Me, O Jacob,
But you have grown weary of Me, O Israel.
Isa. 43 :23 43:23 You have not brought Me a sheep for your burnt offerings,
And you have not honored Me with your sacrifices;
I have not made you serve Me with a meal offering,
Nor wearied you with incense.
Isa. 43 :24 43:24 You did not buy acalamus for Me with money,
And you did not fill Me with the fat of your sacrifices.
Indeed, you have burdened Me with your sins;
You have wearied Me with your iniquities.
Isa. 43 :25 43:25 I, even I, am He who awipes away your transgressions for My own sake,
And I will not remember your bsins.
Isa. 43 :26 43:26 Put Me in remembrance; let us plead in judgment together:
Declare your case that you may be justified.
Isa. 43 :27 43:27 Your first father sinned,
And your mediators transgressed against Me.
Isa. 43 :28 43:28 Therefore I profaned the princes of the sanctuary,
And I delivered up Jacob to destruction,
And Israel to reviling.
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