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Isa. 25 :1 25:1 O Jehovah, You are my God;
I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name,
For You have done wonderful things —
Counsels of old, in faithfulness, perfect faithfulness.
Isa. 25 :2 25:2 For You have made of a city a heap,
Of a fortified town a ruin.
A palace of strangers becomes no city at all;
It will never be rebuilt.
Isa. 25 :3 25:3 Therefore a strong people will glorify You;
The cities of terrifying nations will fear You.
Isa. 25 :4 25:4 For You have been a stronghold to the weak,
A stronghold to the needy in his distress,
A arefuge from the storm, a shade from the heat;
For the breath of those who terrify is like a tempest against a wall.
Isa. 25 :5 25:5 Like the heat in a drought,
You will subdue the uproar of strangers;
Like the heat through the shadow of a cloud,
The song of those who terrify will be brought low.
Isa. 25 :6 25:6 And Jehovah of hosts will make on this amountain
For all the 1peoples
A feast of fat things,
A feast of wine matured on the lees,
Of fat things full of marrow,
And of filtered wine matured on the lees.
Isa. 25 :7 25:7 And on this mountain He will swallow up
The 1covering that covers up all the peoples,
Even the aveil that veils all the nations.
Isa. 25 :8 25:8 He will swallow up adeath 1forever;
And the Lord Jehovah will wipe away the btears from all faces;
And the reproach of His people He will remove from all the earth;
For Jehovah has spoken.
Isa. 25 :9 25:9 And it will be said in that day,
Here, this is our God,
For whom we have awaited that He may save us.
This is Jehovah, for whom we have waited;
Let us be glad and brejoice in His salvation.
Isa. 25 :10 25:10 For the hand of Jehovah will rest on this mountain,
And Moab will be threshed in his place,
Even as straw is threshed in the water of a dung heap.
Isa. 25 :11 25:11 And he will spread out his hands in the middle of it,
As a swimmer spreads out his hands to swim;
But Jehovah will abase his pride together with the trickery of his hands.
Isa. 25 :12 25:12 And the lofty fortification of your walls He will bring down,
Lay low, and cast to the ground, even to the dust.
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