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L. The judgment of Jehovah — to destroy Tyre by the Assyrians because of its pride of all beauty and all its honored men 23:1-18
Isa. 23 :1 23:1 Jehovah now makes the aearth desolate and lays it waste; He distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants:
L. The judgment of Jehovah — to destroy Tyre by the Assyrians because of its pride of all beauty and all its honored men 23:1-18
Isa. 23 :1 23:1 The burden concerning aTyre:
Howl, O ships of Tarshish,
For 1it is destroyed — lacking house,
Lacking entrance. From as far away as the land of 2Kittim
It is told to them.
Isa. 23 :2 23:2 Hush, you inhabitants of the coastland,
You, whom the merchants of Sidon,
Who cross the sea, have replenished.
Isa. 23 :3 23:3 And by way of many waters
The grain of Shihor, the harvest of the Nile, was her revenue;
And she was profit to the nations.
Isa. 23 :4 23:4 Be ashamed, O Sidon, for the sea has spoken,
The stronghold of the sea, saying,
I have not been in labor nor given birth;
Neither have I brought up young men,
Nor have I raised virgins.
Isa. 23 :5 23:5 When the report reaches Egypt,
They will writhe in pain at the report concerning Tyre.
Isa. 23 :6 23:6 Cross over to Tarshish;
Howl, you inhabitants of the coastland.
Isa. 23 :7 23:7 Is this your jubilant city,
Whose antiquity is from the days of antiquity,
Whose feet carried her off afar to sojourn?
Isa. 23 :8 23:8 Who has purposed this
Against Tyre, the giver of crowns,
Whose merchants were princes,
Whose traders were the honorable of the earth?
Isa. 23 :9 23:9 Jehovah of hosts has purposed it,
To defile the pride of all beauty,
To bring into contempt all the honorable of the earth.
Isa. 23 :10 23:10 Overflow your land like a river, O daughter of Tarshish;
There is no more restraint.
Isa. 23 :11 23:11 He has stretched out His hand over the sea;
He has shaken kingdoms.
Jehovah has given commandment concerning Canaan
To destroy its strongholds.
Isa. 23 :12 23:12 And He has said, You shall not continue to exult any longer,
O crushed virgin daughter of Sidon.
Arise; cross over to Kittim —
There also you will have no rest.
Isa. 23 :13 23:13 See the land of the 1Chaldeans, this people! They were not — the Assyrians assigned it to desert animals; they raised their siege towers; they stripped their citadels; they brought it to ruin.
Isa. 23 :14 23:14 Howl, O ships of Tarshish,
For your stronghold is destroyed.
Isa. 23 :15 23:15 In that day Tyre will be forgotten for aseventy years, like the days of one king. At the end of the seventy years Tyre will be like her in the harlot’s song;
Isa. 23 :16 23:16 Take a harp;
Compass the city,
Forgotten harlot.
Play well;
Abound in song,
That you may be remembered.
Isa. 23 :17 23:17 And at the end of the seventy years Jehovah will visit Tyre. And she will return to the wages of her harlotry and will be a harlot to all the kingdoms of the earth on land’s surface.
Isa. 23 :18 23:18 And her profit and the wages of her harlotry will be dedicated to Jehovah; it will not be stored up, nor will it be hoarded, for her profit will be for those who dwell before Jehovah, as their sufficient food and their choice clothing.
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