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H. The judgment of Jehovah — to destroy Babylon because of its idols 21:1-10
Isa. 21 :1 21:1 The burden concerning the wilderness of the sea:
Like storm winds
In the 1Negev passing through,
It comes from the wilderness
From an awesome land.
Isa. 21 :2 21:2 A harsh vision
Has been announced to me;
The unfaithful one deals unfaithfully,
And the destroyer destroys.
Go up, Elam;
Lay siege, Media;
I have put an end
To all her groaning.
Isa. 21 :3 21:3 Therefore my loins
Are full of anguish;
Pangs have taken hold of me
Like the pangs of a woman in labor.
I am bent over at the hearing of it;
I am terrified at the seeing of it.
Isa. 21 :4 21:4 My heart reels;
Shuddering overwhelms me.
The twilight that I love
Has become a source of trembling to me.
Isa. 21 :5 21:5 Setting the table!
Spreading out the rug!
Eating! Drinking!
Rise, princes;
Oil the shields.
Isa. 21 :6 21:6 For thus says
The Lord to me,
Go, set a watchman;
Let him report what he sees.
Isa. 21 :7 21:7 And he saw riders,
A team of horsemen;
Riders of donkeys,
Riders of camels;
And he attends with attention,
With much attention.
Isa. 21 :8 21:8 And he calls out like a lion:
On the watchtower, Lord,
I stand continually by day;
At my guardpost
I am stationed
Every night.
Isa. 21 :9 21:9 And now there come
Riding men,
A team of horsemen.
And one answers and says,
aFallen, fallen is Babylon!
And all the bidols of her gods
Has He shattered to the ground.
Isa. 21 :10 21:10 My athreshed ones,
And the son of the threshing floor!
What I have heard
From Jehovah of hosts,
The God of Israel,
I have declared to you.
I. Jehovah to have no judgment on Dumah 21:11-12
Isa. 21 :11 21:11 The burden concerning 1Dumah:
Someone is calling to me from Seir:
Guard, what remains of the night?
Guard, what remains of the night?
Isa. 21 :12 21:12 The guard says,
Morning is coming,
But so also is night;
If you will ask, ask;
Return, come.
J. The judgment of Jehovah — to desolate Arabia by the harshness of battle because of its warlikeness 21:13-17
Isa. 21 :13 21:13 The burden against Arabia:
In the thicket of Arabia you must spend the night,
You nomad clans of the Dedanim.
Isa. 21 :14 21:14 They bring water
To meet the thirsty;
The inhabitants of the land of Tema
Meet with bread those who flee;
Isa. 21 :15 21:15 For they flee from swords —
From the drawn sword,
From the bent bow,
And from the harshness of battle.
Isa. 21 :16 21:16 For thus has the Lord said to me, Within a year, like a wage worker’s year, all the glory of Kedar will end,
Isa. 21 :17 21:17 And the remainder of the number of the archers, the mighty men of the sons of Kedar, will be few; for Jehovah the God of Israel has spoken.
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