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Hosea 12 :1 12:1 Ephraim feeds on wind
And follows the east wind continually;
He multiplies lies and violence.
They make a covenant with aAssyria,
And oil is carried into Egypt.
Hosea 12 :2 12:2 Jehovah has also a acontroversy with Judah
And will punish Jacob according to his ways;
According to his doings He will recompense him.
Hosea 12 :3 12:3 In the womb he agrasped his brother by the heel,
And in his full strength he contended with God.
Hosea 12 :4 12:4 Indeed he acontended with the 1Angel and prevailed;
He wept and made supplication to Him.
At bBethel he found Him;
And there He spoke with us,
Hosea 12 :5 12:5 Even Jehovah the God of hosts;
Jehovah is His memorial.
Hosea 12 :6 12:6 And you, areturn there to your God;
Keep lovingkindness and justice,
And bwait on your God continually.
Hosea 12 :7 12:7 He is a merchant;
In his hand are balances of deceit;
He loves to extort.
Hosea 12 :8 12:8 And Ephraim said,
I have surely become rich;
I have found wealth for myself.
In all my labors
They will find with me
No iniquity, which would be sin.
Hosea 12 :9 12:9 aBut I have been Jehovah your God
Since the land of Egypt;
Yet again I will cause you to dwell in btents
As in the days of the appointed feast.
Hosea 12 :10 12:10 I have also spoken unto the prophets:
And I have multiplied vision,
And through the prophets I have used similitudes.
Hosea 12 :11 12:11 Is aGilead iniquity? They are altogether vanity.
In bGilgal they sacrifice oxen;
Indeed their altars are like heaps
In the furrows of a field.
Hosea 12 :12 12:12 And Jacob fled into the country of 1aAram;
And Israel bserved for a wife,
And for a wife he kept sheep.
Hosea 12 :13 12:13 And by a aprophet Jehovah brought Israel up from Egypt,
And by a prophet he was kept.
Hosea 12 :14 12:14 Ephraim aprovoked Him to bitter anger;
Therefore his Lord will leave his bloodshed upon him
And will recompense him with his own reproach.
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