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Ezek. 27 :1 27:1 The word of Jehovah came again to me, saying,
Ezek. 27 :2 27:2 Now you, ason of man, take up a lamentation over Tyre;
Ezek. 27 :3 27:3 And say to Tyre, O you who dwell at the entry to the sea, merchant of the peoples to many coastlands, Thus says the Lord Jehovah,
You, O Tyre, have said,
I am aperfect in beauty.
Ezek. 27 :4 27:4 Your borders are in the heart of the seas;
Your builders have perfected your beauty.
Ezek. 27 :5 27:5 They have made all your planks of fir trees from Senir;
They have taken a cedar from Lebanon to make a mast for you.
Ezek. 27 :6 27:6 They have made your oars of the oaks of Bashan;
They have made your boards of cypresses inlaid with ivory from the coasts of 1Kittim.
Ezek. 27 :7 27:7 Your sail was of fine embroidered linen from Egypt, to be your ensign;
Your awning was of blue and purple material from the coasts of Elishah.
Ezek. 27 :8 27:8 The inhabitants of Sidon and Arvad were your rowers;
Your skilled men, who were in you, O Tyre, were your helmsmen.
Ezek. 27 :9 27:9 The elders of Gebal and her skilled men were in you caulking your seams.
All the ships of the sea and their sailors were within you to barter for your merchandise.
Ezek. 27 :10 27:10 The men of Persia and Lydia and Put were in your army as your men of war.
They hung shields and helmets on you; they endowed you with your splendor.
Ezek. 27 :11 27:11 The men of Arvad 1and Helek were on your walls all around, and valiant men were in your towers; they hung their shields on your walls all around; they perfected your beauty.
Ezek. 27 :12 27:12 Tarshish conducted business with you because of the abundance of all your wealth. For your wares they gave silver, iron, tin, and lead.
Ezek. 27 :13 27:13 Javan, Tubal, and Meshech, they were your traders; for your merchandise they gave ahuman beings and vessels of bronze.
Ezek. 27 :14 27:14 From Beth-togarmah they gave for your wares horses, steeds for riding, and mules.
Ezek. 27 :15 27:15 The people of Dedan were your traders; many coastlands conducted business on your behalf; they brought back as payment to you ivory tusks and ebony.
Ezek. 27 :16 27:16 Syria conducted business with you because of the abundance of your products; they gave for your wares carbuncles, purple and embroidered cloth, fine linen, coral, and rubies.
Ezek. 27 :17 27:17 Judah and the land of Israel were your traders; they gave for your merchandise wheat of Minnith, resin, honey, oil, and balm.
Ezek. 27 :18 27:18 Damascus conducted business with you for the abundance of your products, because of the abundance of all wealth. They gave the wine of Helbon, and white wool.
Ezek. 27 :19 27:19 Vedan and Javan traded for your wares from Uzal. Among your merchandise were wrought iron, cassia, and calamus.
Ezek. 27 :20 27:20 Dedan was your trader in precious clothes for riding.
Ezek. 27 :21 27:21 Arabia and all the princes of Kedar conducted business on your behalf; in lambs, rams, and goats; for these they conducted business with you.
Ezek. 27 :22 27:22 The traders of Sheba and Raamah were your traders; they gave for your wares the best of all spices, all kinds of precious stones, and gold.
Ezek. 27 :23 27:23 Haran and Canneh and Eden, the traders of Sheba, Asshur and Chilmad, were your traders.
Ezek. 27 :24 27:24 These were your traders in the finest fabrics, in rolls of blue and embroidered cloth, and in chests of fine woven articles, tightly bound with cords, among your merchandise.
Ezek. 27 :25 27:25 The ships of Tarshish transported your merchandise for you;
And you were replenished and made very glorious
In the heart of the seas.
Ezek. 27 :26 27:26 Those who rowed you have brought you into great waters,
But the east wind has shipwrecked you in the heart of the seas.
Ezek. 27 :27 27:27 Your wealth, your wares, your merchandise,
Your sailors, your pilots,
Those who caulked your seams,
The dealers in your merchandise,
And all your men of war, who are in you,
With all your company who are in your midst,
Will sink into the heart of the seas
On the day of your fall.
Ezek. 27 :28 27:28 At the sound of the cry of your pilots
The pasture lands will shake.
Ezek. 27 :29 27:29 And all who handle the oar
Will come down out of their ships;
The sailors and all the pilots of the sea
Will stand upon the land,
Ezek. 27 :30 27:30 And they will make their voice heard for you
And cry out bitterly,
And they will throw dust upon their heads;
They will wallow in ashes.
Ezek. 27 :31 27:31 And they will make themselves bald for you
And gird themselves with sackcloth,
And they will weep for you in bitterness of soul
With bitter mourning.
Ezek. 27 :32 27:32 And in their wailing they will take up a lamentation for you
And lament over you, saying,
aWho is like Tyre,
Like her silenced in the midst of the sea?
Ezek. 27 :33 27:33 When your wares went out over the seas,
You satisfied many peoples.
With the abundance of your wealth and your merchandise
You aenriched the kings of the earth.
Ezek. 27 :34 27:34 Now you are shipwrecked by the sea
In deep water,
Your merchandise and all your company
Go down in your midst.
Ezek. 27 :35 27:35 All the inhabitants of the coasts
Are astonished at you,
And their kings shudder excessively;
Their countenance is troubled.
Ezek. 27 :36 27:36 Those who conducted business with you among the peoples hiss at you;
You have become a source of terror,
And you will no longer exist.
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